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Training Programs
for Fitness & Beyond

Structured, accountable, & personable
20 years of coaching experience
Advanced approach to run form
New training to break your mold


LA Running Coach offers custom-designed training programs and technical instruction in running mechanics for athletes and runners of all abilities. The business is owned and operated by Mike Hamberger, a high-level athlete, a PhD candidate in cognitive motor neuroscience, and an adjunct professor of performance psychology.


Mike has been successfully coaching as an entrepreneur since 2006, and has attained certifications with USA Track & Field (Level-II), NSCA (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) and USA Weightlifting (Sports Performance Coach).

LA Running Coach is ideal for runners, triathletes, military personnel, scholastic/youth athletes, and anyone looking to improve speed, endurance, and/or form. Mike is also available to speak at seminars and present at clinics for group instruction.

He is the author of the book The Art of Run Training: Using Sport Psychology & Physiology for Optimal Performance.


In 2020, Mike created one of the most thorough video series on run form to have ever hit the internet! In the process, he dispelled many misconceptions related to foot strike, stride rate, and minimalist shoes.

Why Hire a Coach?

Balanced approach among structure, accountability, and flexibility

Holistic approach to account for your work, personal, and social lives

Unique assessment of your running form/mechanics

New strength training exercises to make you more functional/dynamic

20 years of coaching experience (1000+ athletes)

Expert in performance psychology and pain psychology

Finally run fast enough to qualify for Boston or to pass your PFT

Unlimited phone calls and emails (unlike most programs)

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