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LA Running Coach offers training programs and 1-on-1 sessions. Scroll down to see the details and the costs.

Periodization Graph

3-Month Training Programs

Initial 3-month program: $399
Each successive 3-month program: $325


Running 101 Session

1 person per session/hour: $90
2 people per session/hour: $150


Strength Training Session

1 person per session/hour: $90
2 people per session/hour: $150


• Custom running program including guidance on run-specific strength training

• Running form assessment

• Optional small-group track/speed workouts (day/location varies)

• Instruction in dynamic warmup drills to help with mechanics & race performance

• Free copy of Mike's book & access to Members page with additional documents

• Discounts with massage therapists, physical therapists & nutritionists

• Evaluation of progress every 3 months before starting a new phase of training


• Unlimited phone and e-mail interaction


• This is the original Running 101!  An introduction to efficient running form including proper focal points while running


• Your form is assessed while running at different speeds, and the content of each session varies, as each runner is unique

• Never a "one size fits all" approach

• A follow-up email summarizing the main aspects of your 101 session

• PDF file of the "Running Form" chapter from Mike's book, which allows you to be better self-coached following the session

• These sessions are held in Santa Monica


• Technical instruction for run-specific strength training exercises with an emphasis on precise mechanics


• Suitable for both new and experienced athletes, as there is always room to make your routine more functional and dynamic


• A follow-up email summarizing the exercises covered during your session

• Multiple-session "packages" are available

• These sessions are held in Santa Monica

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